My name is Issac Gideon Young.

In the day job I am currently an Associate at an Education charity based in Central London. Around this I am a keen runner, Christian, politico, and aspiring do-good life motivator based around my unique life experience.

When I am not running, dancing, or working I enjoy supporting friends who are either recent graduates or like myself are in the very early stages of their career. I do this primarily through pep talks, CV, interview, and self-marketing advice.

My Purpose

My belief is that every individual is born with the capacity to be a heroic being. Equipped with reason and unique talents, happiness and greatness is within the reach of each and everyone of us in our own unique way. No perceived or real weaknesses should impede the realization of your God-given potential. Translating this into practice is the of course the challenge and in part is the purpose of this website.

I am passionate about life chances. Through my work and in my personal life goals I advocate social mobility through; educational excellence, overcoming welfare dependency, social prejudices and other external factors which take power away from us as individuals.

Having been raised in a single parent, workless household on various council estates I know how far away dreams can seem. I get some of the external and internal, the real and the believed barriers to succeeding in life people at the bottom face- that is if you even still dare to dream them anymore. Furthermore, having grown up in a broken household with a destructive and abusive parent I have a fair idea of how hardship over which you have no control over can utterly obscure that which you can take control of to be successful in life as you see fit.

My Mission

Having made it to college and university, and further still made the transition into my professional career I have grown increasingly aware that you do not have to be socioeconomically disadvantaged to lack confidence, direction, and clarity in where you are going in life. It is those internal factors that cut across dividing lines described in sociology text books which make us human.

Despite being a political campaigner and been passionate about helping people all my life, I have until recently ignored my own struggle and my own journey. I am someone who dreams big who is hellbent on being the best I can be through hard-work, self-directed personal improvement, and seizing opportunities which come my way to grow as a person.

It is this personal journey I am on which gives me whatever weight I have to be an advocate for better social policy, a better society, better physical wellbeing, better mental health, better spiritual growth. In short: self actualusation. Yet this is what I have until now shied away from.

I am very clear that I am on this journey myself and don’t believe the challenges I face are unique. I believe that much can be learned from the mistakes and triumphs I am happy to share and all which fall inbetween along the way!

My Approach

I do not see any area of life in isolation. The personal and the professional are connected, and the ways in which we fulfil the needs of our own mind, body, and soul are all intertwined and cannot be neglected if we are each to be the best we can be. While I am a passionate advocate of that and as such try to live it out, I don’t necessarily do it well at all.

A big purpose of why I am starting this blog is to share my own journey towards self-actualisation. Being open and honest about my challenges and successes. With nothing in isolation I therefore intend to write about my professional life, personal life, my spiritual path, my physical running journey and my politics. This broadly covers what I find fulfilment in but have for too long kept under guard.

Life is of course busy and demanding. The main limitation I will have in making this useful is time, so we will see what happens. Aesthetically this is likewise very much a work in progress. The most important thing right now is purpose not beauty so I will work hard at both and see what happens.

If this sounds of any interest to you please subscribe to my blog and let’s see where this goes!

Issac x